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Opening of the new Amsterdam trading floor

On 3 October, Princess Máxima of the Netherlands sounded the gong at NYSE Euronext in Amsterdam to celebrate the opening of the new trading floor. The exchange building in Amsterdam, at Beursplein 5, now accommodates 34 trading-related parties including many traders and the employees of NYSE Euronext.

Newcomers to the trading floor are trading houses AFS, Nyenburgh, Leopark and internet broker Mijnbroker. In addition, trading house Criterion Arbitrage & Trading occupies a second trading floor besides the main floor.

Beursplein 5 plays an important role in the financial sector. After its transition to the electronic market, NYSE Euronext in Amsterdam has started offering accommodation to a range of trade-related parties, such as trading houses, the Dutch Securities Institute and media. This also attracts the main players in the financial sector. Every day, listed companies, sector organisations, network associations, educational institutions, media, politicians and other prominent parties from the financial sector visit this address for seminars, meetings, press conferences and shareholders conferences.

Beursplein 5 has become more attractive for Dutch listed companies to organize their analyst meeting, company presentations and client events. We look forward meeting you at our exchange in the near future.