NYSE Liffe US Surpasses $15 Billion in BIC Trading as Volume Grows

Ten BIC trades (Block trades at Index Close) have been reported on NYSE Liffe US during the month of March, totaling $250 million in notional value. With these trades, NYSE Liffe US has surpassed $15 billion in notional value of BIC trades on 551 transactions. YTD ADV stands at 16.7K, up 106% Y-O-Y. Open Interest in the MSCI Index Futures complex reached a new high of 287,627 as the March-June roll begins.

NYSE Liffe US launched BIC trading in September 2011 as an innovative way to provide customers the ability to manage the tracking impact of executing large orders relative to the underlying index level by explicitly tying the transaction price to the closing level of the underlying index. BIC trading has proven to be a successful tool with over $3B transacted in mini MSCI Emerging Markets Index futures  and $2.9B transacted in mini MSCI EAFE Index futures in 2013 to date alone. 


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