Predicting Where Wall Street Money Will Flow in 2014 Elections

English: Portrait of United States Senator Rob...

English: Portrait of United States Senator Rob Portman of Ohio. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Too early to think about the 2014 election cycle?  Not so for some executives in the financial services community, who largely backed Romney’s campaign last fall but are considering holding back support for Republican Senate candidates unless the Party demonstrates lessons learned from 2012, reports POLITICO.

Why the frustration? “Everyone in the financial industry, much like the business world, looks at politics as an investment, and they just don’t feel like they got much of a return [in 2012],” one financial services Republican lobbyist tells POLITICO.

Ohio Senator Rob Portman, vice chairman of finance for the National Republican Senatorial Committee, is leading his party’s outreach to Wall Street, holding 12 meetings in New York on a recent two-day visit in January.

“[Wall Street’s] interest was in ensuring we have a winning team on the field,” says Portman. “They are interested in making sure we have a pro-growth agenda and we’re able to get this economy back on track and get the debt and deficit under control; those are good key issues.”

Portman also said Republican donors were interested in learning more about the country’s changing demographic landscape and want to see the Party’s plan to win seven Democratic seats in states that voted for Romney in 2012.